Today, I’m going to write about what I used to dream. Well, technically, my friend told me during our video call, that he remembered my dreams. *insert* tagalog para mas easy. HAHAHA. Napaka close namin dati niyan, we used to hang out always sa school, and palagi niya ako nililibre. Naalala ko I was intimidated to him, kasi napakatalino niya, he was very funny too, well cutie, and gwapo na din. During our recent vcall, he said that I used to dream to come here sa U.S.. And he also said ” I remember you always talk about how bad you want to see your Hollywood actors.” and yeah hahahaha it’s amazing how he remembers all that stuff. Until now, haha I still wants to see my favorite actors huhu. Kailan pa kaya.

Yung nag vcall kami through our gc, kami nalang dalawa naiwan. Have you experienced this feeling,,, yung bigla nalang bumalik yung feelings mo sa isang tao…i was saying…..yung bumalik all feelings ko for him. HAHA. I mean, right now… I’m in the state of being in a relationship, and I’m completely contented with my partner. What i’m saying is that……What ifff….. nag ka jowaan kami dati ? wtf am i saying…..hahahaha this got out of control.

So here’s the story between me and my first crush. Classmate kami nung grade 2 because he moved to my school. I remember he was so smart, grabe. His mom was also a professor sa college. He was always the top student sa class. We got really close and banggg! crush ko na siya and crush niya din ako. ANDDDDD after that may isang girl, classmate ko din. eventually dun na siya nag ka crush, kaso na busted siya. i think alam ko naman na crush nya yung girl, pero may sparks pa din kami eh… well sa tingin ko.

From 2nd grade – 6 grade HAHAHA may feelings ako for him. YEAH RIGHT! honestly tinago ko lang mga besh, because i don’t want to assume na may kami. And grade 5-6 ako may nangligaw saakin classmates ko din. Sa grade 5 yung mang liligaw ko si “JONSNOW”, mabait naman siya, but i only see him as a friend, like walang halong landi ba. I remember he was being all nice saakin, and he wasn’t really nice sa other girls hahaha. And he also wrote me a song. I remember I kept the paper, because he gave me the lyrics na nakasulat sa papel. I put it in my drawer kasama sa mga panties ko HAHA. And yeah nawala na.

Sa Grade 6 naman, Super mabait na lalaki, name niya “ROBB STARK”. He was really sweet saakin. For real, he was good saakin, nagpapansin siya sa akin, well that time pag may nagpapansin saakin…mas lalo akong lalayo eh. hahahaha. and all of my friends were like “sagotin mo na siya lex”, but i was like “no, im not there yet, and i don’t think im ready for relationship”. My friends tricked me, sabi nila “tara lex let’s go to Reinna’s house” and yung papunta na kami sa bahay ng friend ko si Robb Stark nag aantay na pala dun sa bahay nila…parang ambush ba. hawak niya yung Rose. MYGHAD! i was not readyyyyyyy!!!! And you know what i did???? I ran! I PANICKED!!!

After that, hindi pumansin si Boy saakin hahahaha and yeah nakahanap din siya ng babae pinapasaya niya that time….and parang i felt jealous din…kasi sabi ko sana sinagot ko nalang siya that time hahahaha. baka naging ako niyan ngayon. and my friends were like tignan mo sabi namin sayooo dati sagotin mo na..sayang….sinayang ko daw siya.. ULOL! like paano ko sasagotin yung hindi ko naman type. pero i mean ….. siguro i wasn’t looking for anyone at that time.

But if si Grade2 guy nangligaw saakin dati….hahahaha sinagot ko na cguro siya. sayang lang kasi he never got a chance or me to expressed dati na yun nga na may feelings ako sa kanya. And now super happy na din ako kasi nakahanap na siya ng perfect girl na para sa kanya. I heard the news eh. M.U na sila…ayieee so happy for you.

And as i was saying kanina. may jowa na din ako. long distance relationship. and i’m going to write someday about it! about our relationship! We’re on our 9 months na. Fast lang ng panahon. I remember saying this ” ayoko mag ka jowa kasi SCHOOL! SCHOOL! lang dapat” and my teacher told me this na it comes accidentally daw. And that was true. I didn’t expect it to happen. But i didn’t regret it happened! I’m truly indeed happy!

Anyway….. Goodnight/Goodmorning mga bes! signing out // ALEX ALCAZ. 12:08 AM



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