Hiii.. my first post. When I was a kid, well.. I’m still a kid tho… In my younger version of myself.. I used to think that someday I’m going to be a writer …something like that. I know right, that’s bizarre. I was so inspired to be a writer because of the book I was reading “The Book Thief”. I remember reading that book it was so good, the end was heart-breaking and I was not in myself for awhile after I finished reading it. HAHAHA!

I don’t know why I want to create this account… I was supposed to write an essay but I decided to be here right now…..typing this. I always want to write my thoughts in Word Press….in my own account.

I promised myself to work on my essay again, in 1:45 am… and now its 1:39 am… I still have time to write :)… I guess this is it. My first post. I feel confident about this one. I hope I can write more. More thoughts and ideas!

//ALEXA ALCAZ – 1:42 am // signing out! have a wonderful day/night! ♥


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