As you notice the title was “brr” , right now I just want to write something. In the moment, I’m in my room listening to Mariah Carey’s Stay the Night. I was going to use my own PC but I rather use my sister’s PC, so i borrowed it, because it’s more faster lol.

This week was pretty exhausting because I had to do so much errands. On Monday, I went to school to get my working permit. I turned it to Domino’s because last week I sent an application, and they called me to turn in my permit. Turning my permit I had to walk all the way from school to domino’s. It’s was 96 F, really hot. This is why not having a car is difficult, it’s because you don’t have a choice but to walk your ass.

This afternoon, the owner called me. He said I can start tomorrow. YAYYY! I’m kind of happy because finally I have a job. It’s summer too, I want to do something special, like having a job. It’s been 3 months since I quit my first job. I used to work in Mcdonald’s. I quit because at that time, I was juggling work and school, little did I know, it’s hard to do it all together. Sometimes, you get behind.

I miss school though, to be honest, PE helps me keep in shape. Most of the time, I spend my day in my room, SLEEPING. And it’s not healthy. I get up late, then I eat my first meal of the day, and I’m tired.

Before the summer ends, I would like to go to the Fair. Ughh. I love fair. I love the rides, various people I see, the lights, everything! It’s fascinating. My favorite fair is the Alameda County Fair. Last time I went there was 3 years ago. That’s me in the picture! Gosh, I look so young.

Last year, I spend my summer by doing babysitting and working in Mcdonald’s. Babysitting on the weekdays and Mcdonald’s on weekends. I would rather do that, than to stay in my house. Last summer, My family had a lot of problems. Well, my family is the perfect fit for dysfunctional family. That’s why I rather work, than to stay home.

Sometimes, I went sleep over to friends or in my babysitting, it’s because to avoid going home. Geez, I hate how toxic my home was. But the good news, all that is gone. Now, It’s just me and my older sister. We always fight, but that’s what sisters do. She’s 4 years older than me.

This picture was taken 2 years ago. HAHA so weird seeing my eyebrows so wack!

Last summer most of them were awful, but not all, because last summer I met my girlfriend. AWWWW talking about her, makes me giddy! HAHA! We basically met on twitter. We started as friends and eventually it escalated quickly! HAHAHA. So on AUG 1 2018, we decided to be in a relationship. Basically, a long distance relationship. I just want to say that she was the best thing that happened to me☺.

Her name is POT .

This is her sleeping, during our vcall. So cute! Hehe! I love her so much!

Before ending this, I just want to say ENJOY YOUR LIFE! as what they say, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. ☺. Don’t stress on small stuff. BE HAPPY! Ciao!


Feather dear

Feather dear how I used to be scared of you.

Remembering all those sickening things you’ve done to me.

I used to be so angry at you.

You hurt me that much.

I grew up, having that grudges.

I’m still carrying it, until today.

Mother dear said “you must forget that, that was him before, he’s changed.”

Mother dear, that’s so easy for you to say.

Because you weren’t the one who experienced those horrendous things.

I want to moved on from what happened.

But every time I see his face.

It just brings back the unpleasant memories.

Thank you

Thank you for being such a good listener.

Thank you because I can always count on you, and always there for me.

Thank you because you’re still here, waiting for me, loving me.

My love, please don’t get tired of me.

I love you so much my love, I really do.


Hiii.. my first post. When I was a kid, well.. I’m still a kid tho… In my younger version of myself.. I used to think that someday I’m going to be a writer …something like that. I know right, that’s bizarre. I was so inspired to be a writer because of the book I was reading “The Book Thief”. I remember reading that book it was so good, the end was heart-breaking and I was not in myself for awhile after I finished reading it. HAHAHA!

I don’t know why I want to create this account… I was supposed to write an essay but I decided to be here right now…..typing this. I always want to write my thoughts in Word Press….in my own account.

I promised myself to work on my essay again, in 1:45 am… and now its 1:39 am… I still have time to write :)… I guess this is it. My first post. I feel confident about this one. I hope I can write more. More thoughts and ideas!

//ALEXA ALCAZ – 1:42 am // signing out! have a wonderful day/night! ♥